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the archers point of view .

I am a hunter , I shoot a bow to kill. Every chance I get I am working on being a good archer , practicing from every angle I can think of . With the sole purpose of making a quick , clean , and humane kill . I shoot 3d for fun , yes I like to compete and yes I even like to win . But thats not why I shoot 3d , I do it for practice of taking shots under pressure , it helps in the real world ,if youve ever taken a shot at a live animal then you know how getting used to Shooting under pressure will help.
At my home we have a short 800 yard trail in the woods with bag targets ( to poor for 3d targets ) I like to make a habit of stalking to each target , I…

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Jordan Sequillion

Now that we are in the outdoor season there is an opportunity to shoot in all kinds of weather. Weather itself effects the way we shoot, and you can read my earlier blog about different weather conditions and their effects on shooting. As competitive archers, we love our equipment. We have invested time, money, and countless hours in finding the perfect setup for us. So,once the tournament is complete we need to care for our equipment. We need to have our equipment in perfect condition for the next tournament.

Perfect shooting conditions rarely require additional maintenance, however not all tournaments are shot in ideal conditions and rain has the potential to do the most damage if not dealt with immediately since metal rusts, wood warps and fletching matte.

Once out of the weather, take the time to properly and thoroughly dry all your equipment. Using a clean dry cloth, wipe…

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Rasher Quivers

Jason gives a product demonstration for the Point Guard a universal arm guard from Rasher Quivers.

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