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Small arrowhead hanger prototype.

I’ve started prototyping a neat little arrowhead shaped hanger. You could use it to hang one or two bows vertically, hang your quiver and shooting glove or maybe a coat or hat. I’m waiting on the clear coat to dry to finish it, but this is what I have so far. What do you think?

Mini Hanger Prototype1

Prototype from Traditional by Nature

These are all made from reclaimed lumber. Each one will be unique.


Just a quick update.

Here is one of the new bow racks I’ve been working on. It is much larger and has more detail than the original Arrow Head Bow Rack.

Knapped Arrowhead Bow Rack Prototype

Knapped Arrowhead Bow Rack from Traditional By Nature.

These are ready for pre-order. For more info please email me at