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Just a quick update.

Here is one of the new bow racks I’ve been working on. It is much larger and has more detail than the original Arrow Head Bow Rack.

Knapped Arrowhead Bow Rack Prototype

Knapped Arrowhead Bow Rack from Traditional By Nature.

These are ready for pre-order. For more info please email me at


New posts comming soon!

There has been so much going on here at TBN that there just hasn’t been enough hours in a day to blog! We have been selling a lot of rustic items made mainly from Sassafras and Maple in our Etsy store, added a new bandsaw, and have plans for producing more archery related products. In the next post I will tell you all about it, so check back often.

Until then have fun!

Spring issue of Stick and String Magazine

The Spring issue of Stick and String Magazine is now available and it is packed full of great articles and info!

Very soon you will be able to get your very own subscription to Stick and String Magazine in print. As soon as all the details are available I will post them here. So be sure to check back often.

Naturally Rustic

Coming Soon from the Steven Sears Collection!!!
“Naturally Rustic”
A beautiful line of individually handcrafted products constructed primarily of natural materials obtained from the great outdoors.  This selection process allows each product to be both natural and unique.  Visit for more details and updates.


Traditional Arrow Racks

There are now two new arrow racks being made by Steven Sears that are both capable of holding arrows with tradepoints or stonepoints installed. There is the Traditional that will display up to 12 arrows and the Large Traditional that will display up to 24 arrows. Both are handcrafted in the U.S.A from solid Oak and hardwood pegs.

Traditional Arrow Rack

Large Traditional Arrow Rack

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Working on some new products

Well I finally got the chance to start working on some new products. So far I have a bow rack that holds 6 traditional bows, an arrow rack that holds 12 arrows with trade points/stone points installed. Also a large arrow rack that holds 24 arrows with trade points/stone points installed and an adjustable tillering rope for all you bowyers out there.  I will post more info and some pictures soon.