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January Business Of The Month

Bounty Hunter Traditional Arrows is known for building quality top of the line custom Wood and Carbon arrows. BHTA’s real specialty is Self Nock arrows and has just released a High Durability line of Self Nock arrows. The motto at BHTA is “If you can dream it, BHTA will make the arrows of your dreams a reality”.

Derek Herring says, “I take the time with each customer to make sure they get the arrows they want, not just in looks but also in performance. The easy part is coming up with a design to make their arrows pretty, but ensuring they have the right arrows for their bow is not so easy. There has to be a question and answer session so that I know all the pieces of the puzzle so I can put together arrows that fly perfect the first time and every time. If the arrows I build don’t fly right I’ll replace them at my cost”.
Derek Herring of BHTA is a highly skilled Arrowsmith and is very helpful to those folks who want to build their own arrows. He provides answers to questions and produces “How To” videos for those Do-it-Yourself folks. You can find him on many traditional forums such as Stick and String helping people and answering questions. He also has a Facebook Page where he doesn’t hesitate answering any arrow building questions. BHTA has a small but impressive Pro Staff of shooters that includes the Texas State Lady’s Recurve Champion and the Arizona State Indoor Traditional Runner up.

Have you have been looking for that special set of arrows? A set of arrows that everyone had to stop and look at, but also arrows that perform with the best in the world? Do you have an idea for your own unique design? Then look no further than Bounty Hunter Traditional Arrows.


How did I get into archery?

I was asked recently how I got into archery. I was surprised when I couldn’t think of a good answer. After some thought I said, “ I guess I was born into it. I’ve had a bow and have been hunting for as long as I can remember”. I received my first bow for Christmas one year. I can’t recall how old I was. It was a yellow fiberglass bow with a plastic handle and a heavy nylon string. I think it also came with a couple of fiberglass arrows. I remember being very excited. I also remember getting slivers of fiberglass stuck in my hands. I still have that bow. As a matter of fact, I use it to check people’s draw length before I build them a bow. I also remember shooting my dad’s old Browning recurve when I was about eight years old. So, I suppose I wasn’t born with a bow in my hand, but close!